New Journey

This new journey has been growing in my mind for a long time now. Finally a step forward and now action a this journey has started. First I want to say who I am and the reason behind this blog. My name is Rachel, I work full time at my day job and for a long time I have always had side hobbies. I love to volunteer and I have finally admitted I am serial entrepreneur. Writing is a major downfall for me , so please be kind.

Why Glamping ? My next post will go in full detail the ins and out of glamping so look out for that. Growing up I was a Girl Scout and we went camping a lot. That has always stuck with me over the years, the simple idea of a weekend getaway in a semi secluded Wooded area. As an adult I often wanted to go camping but remembering the dirty cabins and tents, I have shied away. Let’s be honest , I love the outdoors but sleeping with the thought of bugs on me and a very uncomfortable cot is not a great vision now. This is where I start my journey. I want to see and experience all the camping and glamping sites in the south . Driving distance to my hometown of New Orleans, LA. One day i will run my own glamping site.

Wish me luck! Rachel

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