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Glamping combines glamorous and camping. Glamping is great alternative to wanting to experience nature and camping with all the modern luxuries we have today. Glamping is extremely popular in the UK and all over the world, with various different types of glamping sites. In the United States, glamping sites are still gaining popularity but already we have a number of various locations with various scenery.

Going Glamping is much more then just a fancy tent, its a movement and its growing.

Sites can range in any type of lodging accommodations ; Bell Tents, Safari Tents, Cabins, Domes, Pods, Tree Houses, converted Barns, Tepees, Tiny Houses, Airstreams, Converted Horse Trailers. With all the unique types of glamping sites are all designed to partner with the natural and unmatched beauty of the landscapes they are settled on. Most sites also offer a range of additional accommodations and activities on the resort to dive into.

The Galmping experience is meant to be a place to unwind and relax while taking in the beautiful views of the landscape and still having the leisure to ease back in to a pillow top mattress and fine cotton fabrics.



What We Do

Glamping in the South will be a unique glamping campground

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Glamping in the South




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